Sunday, 19 February 2012

All Over The Place

Been a bit since ive posted on here, been busy with all sorts of stuff. Exploring more of the campus grounds for wildlife being one of them. Over the past week, ive been concentrating on building a collection of images to work on to edit and try and bring my PS and LR skills up to date. The river next to campus has been one of my hotspots recently trying to capture a decent shot of a Treecreeper, and also on the look out for the elusive King Fisher, however no sign yet. Sightings over the past week though have been ok, few Dippers, Wren, Treecreepers, the typical Blue and Great Tit, but also my first sighting of a Grey Wagtail. A few shots but nothing to boast about.

Leighton Moss was quite a good trip on Wednesday too, thanks to Cain who offered a seat in the car to go. Little Egrets and a Grey Heron was the min subjects of the day.  Up to 4 Egrets in one of the ponds, and the Heron being so close in the other hide.

I also paid a trip to Carlisle and went on the hunt for Red Squirrel's, which proved successful, the little guy didn't stay around for long though, a few jumps and a quick run around the ground and it was back up the Cedar tree.

I also headed out to Martn Mere WWT on Friday with the rest of the Wildlife Media crew, the photos i have not yet had a look at, but it was a great day out, highlight of the day was a Kestrel and Peregrine circling around the ponds.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Past

 Been looking through my hard drive today, trying to get back in to the editing frame of mind and choosing a fair few images that have been collecting dust. Its amazing how much you forget that you have, but a good feeling when you stumble across ones that you never even looked at before. Will be posting a few up in the next few days on here and on 500px.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Woody The WoodPecker

Found my self bored yesterday, so decided to go for a wander around around the River Eden. Just as I was walking down the path, I heard the knocking within a line of trees. I didnt have to stand for long before this guy was more than happy to show off his skills. Undisturbed by my presence I found my self with 150 photos and a cheesy grin on my return back up to campus.